Bangladesh at-a-glance

Official Name  The People's Republic of Bangladesh
Capital Dhaka
Head of State Mr. Md. Abdul Hamid, Hon'ble President of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
Head of Govt.  H.E. Ms. Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

Emergence of the sovereign state of Bangladesh from eastern part of the then Pakistan through protracted struggles for freedom and a 9-month long war of national liberation in 1971. 

26 March – Independence Day (National day)

16 December –Victory Day

  Location Latitude between 20'34" and 26'39" North, Longitude between 88'00" and 92'41" East
Boundary  North: India, West: India, East : India and and Mayanmar.South : Bay of Bengal
Area  1, 47,570 Territorial Waters 22.22 km. Economic Zone-Upto 370.40 km. in the high seas, measured from the base line
 Climate  Main seasons: Winter (Nov-Feb). Summer (March-June),Monsoon (July-Oct).Temp-max. 34°C. min. 8°C.Rainfall: Highest 136cm and Lowest 47cm.
Unit of Currency Taka
 Administrative Units  Division: 6; District: 64; Police Station: 507; Union: 4484; Village: 87319
Major Cities Dhaka, Chittagong. Khulna, Rajshahi, Mymensing, Comilla, Barisal, Sylhet


Population 151.41 million (Projected 2011)
Male-Female ratio 104:100 
Population growth rate 990/sq km
Population density 53.68%
Language Bangla; English is also widely used
Religion Muslim—88.3%, Hindu—10.5%,Buddist—0.6%, Christian—0.3%, others—0.3%
Labor force Total—56.7 Million: Male—39.5 Million, Female—17.2 Million
Sector Distribution of labor force Agriculture—47.3%;Industry—17.64%;Service—35.06%;Others—13.1%


Food Rice, vegetables, pulses, fish and meat
Principal Crops Paddy, wheat, jute, tea, tobacco and sugarcane
Principal rivers Padma, Meghna, Jamuna, Bhahmaputra, Teesta, Surma and Karnaphuli etc. Total 230 rivers including tributaries and branches
Mineral resources Natural gas, lime stone, hard rock, coal, lignite, silica, sand, white clay etc.


GDP at Current Price USD 112 billion (FY 2011-12)
Per Capita GNI at current price Tk. 66,283 (USD 848)
GDP Growth 6.32% (FY 2011-2012)
Industrial Growth 9.7% (FY 2011-2012)
Inflation Rate 7.41% (November 2012)
Investment Rate 25.45% of GDP (FY2011-12)
National Savings Rate 29.40% of GDP (FY 2011-12)
Total FDI 1.136 billion USD (Year 2011)
Exports 24.287 USD billion (FY 2011-12)
Imports 35.44 USD billion (FY 2011-12)
Exchange Rate 1 USD = Tk. 79.80 (FY June 2012); 1 British Pound = Tk. 127.27;1 euro = Tk. 102.64
Foreign Exchange Reserve USD million 12,751 (December 2012)
Main Industries Garments and knitwear, Jute, Cotton, Textile, Tea, Paper, Newsprint, Cement, Fertilizer, Sugar, Light Engineering, Electric cables, Leather, Fish
Main Exports Readymade garments and Knitwear, Jute and Jute products, Tea, Ceramic Leather and Frozen food
Main imports Wheat, oil seeds, Crude Petroleum, Raw Cotton, Edible oil, Petroleum Products, Fertilizer, Staple Fibres, Yarn, Iron & Steel, Capital goods etc.
Major Trading partners USA, EU Countries, India, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE etc.

 N.B. Statistical Figures used here have been collected from- ‘Investing in Bangladesh- Handbook and Guidelines’, 5th Edition, published in December 2012 by the Board of Investment, Prime Minister’s Office, Government of Bangladesh